Catching up technology

A story after reading The world is flat…

For the past few hours, I’ve been trying few internet features, some describes those as miracles.

The first thing I wish to share is the opera. It’s a web browser, a better browser than firefox after using both of them for a while. Here, I’m not advertising or critisizing firefox. For some recent, I have to send an email to enquire some leasing information, thus I discover opera’s mail managing program, it’s a program like MS Outlook. I use to learn Outlook due to the needs in previous company. Friendly speaking, it was pure enginners creation, it was hard to setup, low compatibility, and questionable security.

Today, when I get into this thing again, it was as simple as 5 clicks in opera. From now on, I saved my time on logging on several POP e-mail account to check mail, no longer load bunch of pages before I can start to compose an email, and manage numerous contacts in different accounts. Most importantly, it support TLS and SSL2,3 internet security, which means that everything go thru it will be encrypted.

Although security will somehow lower due to the auto login/checking, but the good thing is that what we deleted/read/edit in the opera’s mail, can/will be remained unaffected in the email account. Here’s a side story, this practise is not effective due to the limitation of email account capacity, but guess what with huge gigabytes given now, it works. So, what you afraid of? Start using opera’s mail! Save your time!

Also, when I was trying to link my hotmail account to it, it can’t support zzzz. Since a year ago, hotmail is launching a customer and engineer working together things, to improve, to make what we want for the e-mail. Much improvement has been made, and finally 1GB for spaces haha. but too late, if not because of the domination of the msn messenger, and msn blog, there will be no hotmail account for me. Gmail is the best for me, for now.

Have you try out the IE7? not bad right? clear and simple, just like Opera, just still have much thing to improve. Although it make us easier to read, less buttons to bother, it still can improve, for example, the opera’s Mouse Gestures I damn love it.