Adsense total earnings: $0.77, thank you.
My mind and heart are like separated.
Still confusing about what I am doing after I quit my job.
Have fate, no doubt, and the road is there.

Yesterday, my friend read the previous post about the idea, so we will meet tomorrow to discuss about it. Also, he suggest me to use ASP.NET, soon after I went to check about this thing. Omg, about 3 months ago I downloaded Visual Basic to learn a bit to improve my previous job’s documentation processing. Now, Microsoft actually integrated VB, C#, and J# into website development, and it’s free. Felt sorry for those who bought MS Front Page. It’s not easy to use for a beginner. You at least have to know VB or C#, html, SQL, and many latest e-technology movement. I tried to learn it for few hours, it’s quite good in fact, just that my VB too #$%#@…

Today’s newspaper talked about our ambition. I always wanted to be my own way, however I also wish to have stable good income. Maybe the god is fair, you want to chase your dream, you can’t be rich. You want to be rich? You have to sacrifices your dream, although has its exception.

I like what the author’s said,” No matter how busy are you, thinking is needed.” Working as a SOHO unlike Collar worker, follow the river and they’ll reach their destination. SOHO is in the middle of the ocean, wave and storm everywhere, any time. Therefore, has to stop and think time to time.

Christmas is around the corner, so sad that I’m still single. Arrr, Malaysian Chinese always hard to get a girlfriend. Materialistic, you must have at least Cash, Car, and above average income in order to attract one. Not to blame, just surviving in Malaysia as a Chinese is not easy as one can imagine. A jobless poor guy like me? stand a side please…Cheers! for my other single friends.

Struggling in managing my money and my greed these days. My phone and my notebook are almost 4 years old. However, I need to save my money because my don’t have any income by now, and save the remaining money to start up a business IF…I’m ready. Come on give me support! Buy the stone from me! At least give me some cheer up words!