A Small Changing

Sleep to much yesterday.
It’s a silent night, everything so calm.
I like silent.

Yesterday, with the help of my father, my room was modified a bit. The front wooden wall was taken down and replaced with a wooden rack made my my father. Now my tiny room has extra space, the air flow and light source is much better than ever before. Thanks!

Have a sudden thought that maybe I need to find a part time job or course to spend my time while I’m ‘wasting’ my time around with my stupid business ideas. Maybe also a trip to cleanse my spirit. Pahang National Park, Malaysia, maybe I’ll go there once more, after all it is the only economic place for me to go.

Felt sorry about Figo. That day I told him I’ll go to The Curve to check out the space availability during Chinese New Year but till now I haven’t go there. Sometimes I feel that we don’t even have a proper plan and what actually to sell etc, it’s kinda waste time for me and the company. I’m pretty sure I don’t know what to answer if the person in charge ask me in details.

I listed the dark stone once again on eBay. If you are one of the visitor from eBay, you can get the details on previous post using ‘more on achieve’ on the top-left corner. Thank you for dropping by.

This is one of the image I made a year ago, using PS CS2.
Golden Path…haha…