A start to Share

Today there’s one more click on the ads. Ends up with $0.11 in my account.
I started using Picasa2 to manage my photo now, I would recommend you this.
I will share the progress in future, to witness the “workability” on me.

Today, nothing unusual. Check mail, read blogs, news and search for new things.
Many of my friends, yes you! Asked me what am I doing recently. Perhaps above sentence best describe me now. In fact, I wish to start my own business. Somehow, I keeping my foot on ground every times I’ve got somethings in my mind.

So hey, I suddenly think that here’s a good place to share my progress also! and you maybe can give me some motivation, suggestion,and ideas too! So, maybe a good start huh? Combining many ideas, suggestion, and experience from various persons I’ve meet, some of them remain certain possibility, and some also believe to be impossible on me or in Malaysia.

The most recent case will be the temp-stall idea in The Curve shopping mall. Sorry guys, I haven’t go to interact with them directly, although I sent my info inquiry several times. Malaysian still not good in e-things perhaps.

As what Peter suggest, we should start as a retail biz, or simply buy and sell concept.
Obviously the Pros:
1. Less things to bother with.
2. Less time to prepare
3. More flexible turnover, low risk of unsellable stock.
4. Branding, price, market,etc are more controllable and statistical by us.

On the other hand, Figo and I wish to covered the back line (Back integration) to start this business. Maybe due to the manufacturing background in us haha. Pros:
1. Can be more creative and flexible.
2. to learn the whole process, mainly to gain experience.
3. To show what we’ve got.
4. More customized items for targeted market.

And I’ll skip those cons here.

Also, there’s other things to concern, that’s the business registration problem. Actually not a problem, for the information I acquired, register under sole proprietorship, the registration fees will be RM 300, plus some minor charges. The processing time will be 3 days to 2 weeks depends on various issues. There are several government licensed agencies that can help us deal with this troublesome procedures, some of them even provide online registration.

While I studying my Business Administration Degree, I’ve learn a lot of things to manage a company, understanding a company, many skills and knowledge in various perspectives, and so on to work as a generalist. But in the end, I found that I very lack of one or perhaps two majors professional skill and knowledge. Then I have to admit this fact, From a Specialist to a Generalist is much more easy than in contrast. Generalist is important today, just you still need to have a strong areas in order to become one. Else, you maybe end up like me, stuck in the middle?

Doing business in Malaysia, I would say this: You can earn money very easy as long as you know the trick. However, how well you can handle the variables in the market and the business that more than every place and market in the world?
For examples:
1. Three major ruling language in one market. Should you tread it as a whole or separately?
2. Different supporting companies has its expertise on its own cultural groups.
3. Too much racial issues that need to carefully handle and format to follow.
4. Exist various groups of people in rapid developing environment and High gap between them. (I’ll talk about this coming entries.)
5. High influence from various countries. China, Japan, US, UK, Indonesia (mostly depends on where you get your degree). Really, trust me. Very funny phenomena in Malaysia.

Ok, Give your comment time.