I’m back

Things changed.
I’m still alive.

I’m in Figo’s house now. Just to bored until arrived at his house so early…at 6:30.Yeah…It’s sort of a new year eve party. Figo said too lazy to layan me, so here am I…using his computer to write my latest blog entry.

Yesterday I met “long time no see” friend. I picked him up at LRT station and had a lunch in Great Eastern Mall. Guess what? We met Sherry! What a surprise! Now she is working there, nothing unusual.

We talked a lot about recent “events”. Ya…we’ve changed a lot, did you? Currently, I’m really stuck in the middle. Many things that in my mind can’t materialized. Hope everythings will get better…and better coming year…coming months.

Ohya, Johorian my best regards to you all…faster recovering from the terrible flood.

This morning I once again go to Rawang to visit my dear artist friend. The Buddha’s painting I asked him to paint about, is almost finish. What a shame because of the miscommunication between us that make me waste my 80km trips to see a half done painting.
Nepalis and Chinese, what is the best language to communicate? It’s Malay! Kinda funny ya?
Really globalism.

Mango man just arrived at Figo’s house and said hi to me. Staring at the screen suspiciously….Swt…he asking me to find him some dirty little video in Figo’s computer…

OK…that’s it for now…passing the computer to Mango Man to enjoy his show.