I’ve change the top banner into image ads.
No improvement can be seen yet.
My mind was all about the ideas last night. Almost got into sleep not until 5am, not until I put them into words. I’ve read much articles about recent technology, advertisement, and server.
Sometimes I wonder how fast can a new idea bring into Internet and can be copied or bought over by others. Therefore, I even think that doesn’t it better just to sell the idea to the big company?

Anyway, I don’t mind if my works bought over by somebody, I just wish not to stolen or copied by nobodies. Glad that I’ve finally set a more better frame and theory to guild this idea works. Now what I concern more is the skills, knowledge, and supports that I have.

Here’s a basic argument about Google Adsense. Put in simple, pay per click system may not benefits publisher in certain extend especially awareness based ads. For example, an image banner that only increase your awareness about a new product but not expecting any clicks. However, the very strengths of Adsense is that it can automatically choose/target the suitable ads to your website using its leading technology and it is simple enough for ordinary users, aka anyone.

Also, may the force be with you.