New Idea! Do it! Do it!

Based on the Analysis from Google Analytic, my blog getting more visitor,
However, the percentage of returning visitors and new visitor not in good balance.
Oh, by the way, my Adsense has $0.31 now.

Last night, I talked with father about this blog and some ideas across Malaysia business model. He gave me much advice and encouragement. While one of it pointed to Malaysian e-business, he said that by the time Malaysia e-business is matured, you should leave already. A classic pioneer advantage theory, and it’s kinda true. Sometimes the chance come, people see the chance, but just letting it go. Waited to long.

Having insomnia for few hours before I can get into dream. Mostly because of think a whole new idea about a website after chatting with my father. The main constraint now is lack of programming skills to do it. So, I need one or two who good in Html, Css, and Java to build this website. After few hours of thinking, I’ve a basic frame already, and I’ll put it into words soon.

This idea, I wonder if I can do it well or not due to much shortness of my skills, and some technical problems. However, I strongly believe this idea can generate much profits by the demand of the internet users now. If you are interested of what I written above, maybe you can email me, we shall talk about it.

A funny thing, I even think of proposing the idea to Google, sell it to them one time of. Sounds crazy ya? Haha, I’ll see what can I produce then…