No gain for today, but there’s several new visitors from different places in US,
and my sister from UK. Don’t worry, it’s not hack or anything,
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No improvement today.
Malaysia currently suffers from various human made disasters, Investor keep on running, ran to neighbor countries especially Thailand. So, politicians once again fight for their holy speeches again.

Read about a 5 years plans of my secondary school last night. It is a good plan that covered much aspects of student developments in moral and modern Confucian teaching. Also a new building named as zhong-hua lou, a modern 8 floors and 3 underground parkings tower. I like that idea of Women’s washroom must be double of man’s washroom. Also found a link to download 2 free songs created by my ex-music teacher: Wang Chong Ming…if not mistaken.
Kinda missed his voice, although dxxn hate music class. Here’s the link:

Guess that’s all for today, here’s a joke for you:

Malaysia greatest EXPORT is Highly-Educated Peoples…
Malaysia greatest IMPORT is Non-Educated Peoples…