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I’ll observe one week first.
Oh, btw Adsense total is $1.12 now.Thank you.

So, I’ve discussed with my friend yesterday. Basic website structure is framed, he’ll develop a model during every weekends. Maybe take long time to finish it, therefore we also seeking third partner who good in website development or designs. Oh ya, we decided to use .Net framework, VB, and Java to build this website.

Last night, I read many articles and related sources about Adsense and Adwords. My feeling kinda mixed-up. Nowadays, Adsense and Adword have become a tools for Multilevel marketers. Although this may not so correct, because it is a new generation of multilevel marketing model, it twisted from its original model, it used these tools to speedup and bypass the rules and regulations in reality world. The word bypass may be too strong, maybe I can define it as: seek legal cover under third party’s power. It is legal to do this, as well as this fast money making model, but this is your personal moral, responsibility, and ethic issues.

The most famous Adword money making has this common model, several Google award winning advertisers will ‘share’ their ways of success to you. There’s bunch of advertisements on the right side of page if you search Adword/Adsense under Google Search Engine.

Basically, they will show a lot of data from whoever that adopt their model first, telling you who has changed from a loser to winner, then a series of convinces and testimonials that make you believe it. This is the most basic model, some uses tricky words to get your attraction such as Legally Steal from Google, I’ve spent 6 six years to research this money making things, or using very business angle to explain and introduce it. And it’s getting more and more creative.

Then, it will tell you that he wrote some books, recorded some DVDs or anything. Then he tell you how different it is from other similar thing from other website (actually their partners). Other method like you can’t get it anywhere else, money back if not work with you in 60 days.

The books and DVDs normally cost you US$400-1000. Too expensive? We have affiliate programs! This programs is the core part of this money making model. You will see it in ALL Adword and Adsense money making websites. Why? because most of the people are attracted to this deal, you will get 50% or more, 1st year all in your pocket things for the books you sells.

The books, actually written by 1-2 persons, others just changed the cover and author name.
The tricks in the books did teach you how to improve your websites, advertising method, how to build network, and many others thing that really help you. Wait! but it won’t help you earn big money! then how? join the affiliate program lor friend.

Let me tell you a more cruel facts, IT DID HELP YOU EARN BIG MONEY. haiz….why? because majority of peoples are greedy. If you happened to join any MLM business, you’ll know the tricks. Nothing right or wrong, all depends on your ethic and moral.