That’s it!

The beginning of the project.
I hope it will success.
Bring it on!

Ok, the name of the idea is decided. I’ll name the project that implement the idea as Project Prelude. Code name: Sitting duck. Haha, sounds very #$#!!#$ ler… Project Prelude will be the initial name for the ideas, whether it will becomes the final name of the idea is still too early too make a conclusion.

I name it Prelude because whatever we think of, do, doing, and did are the very first time that we never ever try before, this is the prelude of next level of life journey. The meaning further extended into the exciting things awaiting in front of us.

The code name: Sitting duck basically means that we are just too rookies in this world, we are fragile to this cruel world. A very good name to reflect the real us.

On the other hand, I also chose a name for the business I thought of in my mind. Just think that give it a name will encourage me to make it comes true. I’ve named it as