The 1st 2 hours of 2007

It’s my year! The PIG’s year.
Enjoy the 1st start up of the year.

I’m just back from the gathering a few minutes ago. People do changed, some of my friends are seeking new job or started their new job recently. We are just headless flies. All the best to you all!

Talk talk talked, never had a action. I’m sicked of me liao. Five more days, hopefully the Nipel friend of mine can actually paints a good nice painting to me. This afternoon when I was there, the painting is about 60% done, it seems fine to me…just because the limitation of color materials and the spare time of him makes me concern.

Now only I know that the Postal Colors can be catagorized into 2: real postal and plastic color.
Postal color is actually can be melted fully into water and won’t faded when we touch the painting. While platic color is sort of color soil when it is dried and will fade when we touch the painting. Shamefully, I can’t actually understand what is he trying to tell me…communication broke down…

Peter is selling dried meat or so-called jerky in western places. If you are interested in this business, you may try to contact me to get an idea who is he and his contact.

Ohya, last year I didin’t send any new year’s greeting via sms to anybody, if you wanted my wishes to you, you only can have it here. Yup, here!

~~~Whatever is coming is going to be, catch your breath and go for it~~~