Time’s up

It’s the end of this Adsense testing in this blog.
No more monitoring and alteration of ads in future.
Anyway, you’re welcome to link or recommend this blog to others.

I need to list down all the things in my mind. I classified it into…

Dream,Thought,Pending,Processing,troubling,and Done.

Hopefully this list will always remind, motivate, and direct me.


  • Stable and slightly above average income.
  • Working in my interested areas.
  • A car.
  • A house.
  • A better internet service in Malaysia.


  • Start up own business.
  • Vacation.


  • Make a daily schedule.
  • Make a personal financial analysis.
  • Close on of the bank accounts and search for better investment plan.
  • Build a website for family chart and history.


  • Find a name for the idea I’ve talked about.
  • Name the idea’s project name, set a time line etc.
  • Research about internet market in Malaysia.
  • Continually find new ideas.
  • Write my processes on this blog daily.


  • No cash inflow for past few months, struggling to keep on like this.
  • Lack of professional knowledge in many areas.
  • Local market obstacles.
  • Mentally and Spiritually interferences from everywhere.
  • Think too much, lying in the bed for too long.
  • Lack of confidence and determinant.

None. Haha…ha…