180 degree changes

Not having a good sleep.
Decided to improve my blog.
3rd day of the year, feeling anything?

After reading so many articles about blogging, this is the 1st time I integrated all the ‘useful’ gadgets into my blog. After testing my previous blog design for about one and a half month, I’ve noticed that the display was vary across different computers. Most of my friends do not get the quality of display that shown in my computer, and it is very ugly.

Also, using different browsers came with different result, mainly due to the ways they decode web language. Here’s the screen shots of IE, Firefox, and Opera under 1400x1050pixels views:

Left:IE Right:Opera Bottom:Firefox

As you can see, Firefox best support blogger web language, Opera has a bigger words but failed to decode some of the code and made the image and boxes inappropriate as default setting; IE not to mention has much to catch up even blogger coding team fixed many of IE bugs.


For the new blog design, a chatter box is created to solve the problem where you all lazy to give comment on post. It is expected to encourage you all to chit-chatting about anything of my blog and increase constant traffic in future.

I also added a new group of links that is for Malaysian Business Information. Those links are helpful in knowing Malaysia business information, exporting regulations, directories, and so on, make good use of it if you plan to start you own business. If you know other good links, please don’t hesitate to share with me.

Added a search box for you all to get related information faster and easier. Removed all textual ads into Image Ads to make a cleaner interface and avoid to much text and “money-making ads” in my blogs. A big Firefox browser referral link is added to encourage people using better and secure internet browser.

A default posts displayed is 2, this is to reduce the loading time and the scrolling of the page that easier your reading. However, if you only happens to visit my blog once a week, you’re welcome to use the drop-down menu on the right panel to display a week entries.

Also planning to add a small box to share management technique from a ‘calender’ weekly. However, considering much issues, I will postpone it for now.

Once again, thank you for your support.