I love silent night….
It is the best time to think….
Don’t you think so?

Dilemma as using Google definition I found the most powerful one that can describe anything:

  • A forced choice between courses of action (usually two) which are equally unacceptable. Sometimes people will call any challenging “moral problem” a dilemma, but this is a misleading use of the term. Only a few moral problems are dilemmas in the true meaning of the term. Calling moral problems “dilemmas” is confusing because it implies that the only possible responses are the two obvious (and unacceptable) ones, and tends to discourage real problem solving.

  • Yes, in most of the time we fall into dilemma not because physically or logically judgmental dilemma but mentally and moral dilemma. Yet people like to advice other to judge and choice the right decision using all kind of logic, physic or materials. Therefore some people tell questioner that they have their answer already don’t bother seek answer from other as you knew it.

    Yesterday while I was seeking alternatives, I applied a job online. Just now when I check my mail box, I’ve received an invitation to an interview yet I still need to call them to arrange the time. Then I start to kinda fall into dilemma, don’t I want to plan,prepare and start my business in future? Isn’t it unfair to both parties and will end up harming all of us?

    Well, while I was applying this job its job description and company profile did inspired me and I believed it can give what I needed and it’s a place where I can extract my capabilities into use. Although there’s still doubt within, I’ll still go for the interview and give my best to it. And if I somehow get the job, I will not run away again, not until they kick my ass for sure. So I’ll give them a ring Monday to kicking it start.

    May the forces be with me now.