Job Interview

Sweet dream.
Quote of the week: Define yourself and your company past, present and future.
The best word may be continuous learning, thinking, restructuring, and improving.

So I went to the interview…s yesterday. I received a call from an employer all of a sudden to inform me to go to interview yesterday morning while I’ve made an appointment with the another one same day afternoon.

I think I’m kinda screwed up for the 1st interview as it actually far beyond my imagination. Not because of the salary or location, it is the nature of the business may not actually suit my. My strengths may not be there. Sometimes we feeling or first impression may really gives a high credit in an interview. If you’re click to the interviewer, then you’ll just doing fine than you can imagine of, this is when I went to the second interview.

I’m really grateful to both interviewers especially the second one. Now all that I need is luck, the luck that the following candidates do not click with my interviewer then I’m in.

I believe this job would allow me to fully extract my knowledge and capabilities into use. In returns, I can learn more than I can imagine of in the future. I like the culture, no politics, English medium, and a totally westernized company structure. The first thing that I’ll do if I’m hired is to catch up as fast as I could with full of responsibility and passion. I mustn’t screw up my precious opportunity to work in a international company.

Hey how about my plan to start my business? This will require my passion, self–responsibility, and time management once I get the job. I believe I still can handle it without crashing my job responsibility and my energy. After all, I will have weekend to do my own laundry.