Just another day

Not feeling well past few days…
Quote of the week: You need to have some empowered persons that will
oppose, challenge you, or even agree with your enemy policy
to make you have a greater look of yourself.

I’ve submitted 2 jokes to Reader Digest. I really wish these 2 jokes will be published and earn me $100×2. This kind of earning is not like those you earn in daily work, not “you do what I told and you get pay” but “I do what I want and I get it”. It’s full of surprises and satisfaction when you get this kind of rewards. Hopefully…I’ll get $200 soon….

My friend told me that he is selling Valentine’s day presents to his company’s staffs. Good luck. While in the conversation, he was wondering what I am up to actually. He told me it is good to have thing to be shared in order to conquer the obstacles but the problem is that I don’t even know where to start.

It is true that one must have confidence on himself, just that it is more important to know how much confidence you have on the market and relying factors.

This image should be my blog header few days ago…due to technical problems…I have to give it up. Just let it have a chance to appear itself before it gone.