Malaysian SOHO, Home plus Shop.

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If you just pay a little more attention around the businesses in Malaysia, you will find that Malaysian Chinese has their creative way to survive in harsh environment.

During 90s commercial building built along with project “New Town” that replaced “New Village” during WW2, those buildings are basically 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 type. What is that? Simply say it is house plus shop or house plus shop plus office/store. But this type of business is counted more Westernized Soho, so what is Malaysian Soho?

Malaysian Soho happens to be far more integrated which is a combination of home and shop and living. During the harsh time of economy, our parents (50s born) has limited knowledge and skills, hardly enter to the advance business like doctor, lawyer, accountant, servicing etc.
What are they capable of is their blood of commerce within them, within every Chinese.

When they start up a business, the 1st concern is the capital then the time. As a result, many people transform their house into shop in order to save capital and time to take care of their family.

In recent observation, this phenomena has far more advanced into another staged. If you happens to go to SS2, there’s a few showroom and gardening shop at the traffic light before entering SS2. This shops are all modified from 60s bungalow. However, due to the rapid development of SS2, those houses are no longer a ideal place for living due to the traffic and pollution. However, the smart businessman seek it as a business opportunity, they get the license and start their million dollar business right away because a ideal location of showroom business is a heavily traffic flows and jam places, and close to range view spot. Don’t believe me? Go there to have a look. Ohya, another example for showroom business is Ampang Waterfront, observes their similarity.

A bit lazy to write more in this topic, although there’s much can share…see the response 1st lar.
So here’s some other example of Malaysian Home Integrated Business (HIB) haha I named in myself, so don’t think you can get it from Google 😛

Ampang New town: Eunice Saloon, my secondary high school friend’s mother owned it.
Cheras Miharja: Those flats, many units become saloon, food stall, and grocery stall.
17 floor Jln Tun Razak: Ground floor units all becomes shops.
SS2: the roads before entering SS2, showroom, gardening shop.
My house: Shop+Storeroom+Office+House.

You’re welcome to give more example.