The Foundation of Business…Part 2?

I like cloudy morning,
cold and dark weather just suit my mood.
Once again lost my pace on the progress.

Every relationship is build on trust and trust is correlative with transparency. You know more about a person and you will trust him more but this depends on how the person share his things to you. You may also think this way: The more I know about a person, the more I gain control from him, and thus I trust him.

No doubt that transparency is getting important in today’s business…that’s why corporate governance take into places. I believe there’s always lies in every deal, just till what extend is an art of dealing.

The best practice is believe to be telling what is necessary and not to tell until being asked.
A best lier always know how to mix truths and lies together to convince a person.
A best dealer know how to build a relationship rather than making a deal.

The above sentences may not be correct, it’s just what I learned from experience.

So whenever you making a deal, you may consider the following…methods:
1. Profit oriented, One time-off-deal, no follow-up deals. Just make good use of the trust to generate highest profit and say bye bye.
2. Relationship oriented. Cut down margin and provide extra services to create a long term deal, and probably get extra private deals from it.
3. Sales oriented. Sell a product under price or 0%margin just to capture the market, create awareness and indirectly create a relationship with certain clients.
4. Demands oriented. Give whatever the client wants, high customized product and flexible pricing. China businessman very good in this.

Whatever stated above is bullshit somehow. Why? There are many new outstanding companies proven themselves using a very transparent, honest, and integrity ways. My point here is, if your eloquence can’t make you sell a rubbish with a high price, then the best way is to be sincere and honest in every deals.

Not agree with me? I accept your challenge.