A silent before CNY

I just trying to make my mind blank past few days.
Gold,Wood,Water,Fire,Soil need to be balanced.
Quote of the week: Making profit is your duty call,
how you make profit is how you manage your company:
leadership, Coaching, marketing, sales, Invention,quality….

I just received a SMS from Alex, his mother has passed away yesterday. If you haven’t been informed by him, it’s probably he is too busy handling his time now, send regards to him if you wish to. Growing up till our age, challenges just keep coming to test you, to bring you down. Whether one can stand up again is all depends on you, so you may slow down but you cannot stop.

Monday, I’ll go for second interview for the company. I don’t dare to expect anything more, just hope everything will be all right. After the 1st interview, I recalled the things I have learned from previous company. The most valuable thing is not the skills and knowledge actually, it is how to be a better person. Mr Tam actually told me about his 7 principles but I modified some.
This is what I’m trying and practicing now and then:

Honest and Integrity
Creative and Innovative
Charitable and social responsive
Be humble
I actually doubt that I can practice it well, just have to try.

An idea just came out from my mind few hours ago. Hopefully this time can have a better ending compare to other ideas.