Computer’s Fever

Sleep is always the best cure for our spirit.
Yet waking up from a long sleep is a punishment.
Thank to Figo’s call zzz

My sister said that she had successfully wasted £2500 for his boss. Before you buy a brand new laptop today, you may pay a little more attention to a device called Express Card Connectors. Unlike other device, it does not support the older PCMCIA Interface aka PC card. Although there’s converter around, it do not 100% guarantees it will work.

Also heard that UK is finally snowing and today what I read from news is UK’s Airport runway closed down due to heavy snow…

If you are using Google Web Accelerator (GWA) or want to try it out, please don’t think about it. It uses some so-called new technologies that can boost your web browsing speed but in return you have to give up some of your data/identity to then as stated in the privacy statement. The most crucial thing is that it has so much trouble with many web applications including Yahoo and MSN mails. Also the latest: Google own product–Blogger. I’ve sent them an email regarding this, no a good responses from them, so you may try to wait a little bit longer and let them improve it.


I wonder if it’s true that all Virgo has a bad stomach and digestion. I really have to agree with this “general knowledge” already. Whole month with funny stomach…zzz really wtf…

A person is very lost of himself. He picked a flower to count the petals, hoping that would gave him an answer. A master told him, at the moment he picked the flower his decision was made.
It is you that decide yes or not as a start to count the petals, once you start it, there’s consequences followed. There’s always third option rather than yes or no.