Disgusting Thing in my Notebook

Managed to turn back my time.
Quote of the week: Turns Culture into Action. You need to make your staffs
believe in what you believes in, recognitions,
promotions and so on can help you achieved that.

Yesterday while discussing some stuffs with my friend, I finally realized that my notebook is not supposed to be so noisy and warm. With some impulsions of scientific cells within me, I dismantled my 4 years old notebook.

After I looked into most of the parts, I still couldn’t figure it out where the problems were. And finally…I carefully took out the processor and the fan to explore this high risk area and I found this: (Warning–disgusting legacy from the past)

This is part of the dust that blocked the airflow exist where the copper cooler placed. 4 years of accumulation has make this amazing things. Anyway now my notebook is so quiet and cool and I’m pretty happy and proud of my spirit of adventurer.

I’m working on my new idea recently, hopefully it can has a better beginning or projection before making decision on whether it worth to do or not. And most importantly before I start to work on 23th because I definitely don’t wish to disperse my concentration to many things.