Idea for Business

Ordinary day.
A bit not in the mood.
A bit numb.

I’ve signed the letter of appointment of the company. I’ll start to work next week, so I’ve to get things done within this week…bank account, LRT card, shirt etc….

From all the interviews I’ve attended, there’s a 100% appearance question for me: Why don’t you work with your father? Maybe most of the employers scare that the candidate will run back to his family business one day…yup that’s a bad investment. For me, I probably won’t take over my father business…I just not the right candidate for it and I believe I can choose my own paths.

Guess I can’t talk much about my job like the previous job. Keeping secret is an employee duty and ethic after all. After looking around for parking location, I gave up driving to work, it is just not an good idea to drive in city and worst idea to park in city. I rather wake up earlier, walk for quite a distance and squeeze with bunch of people after comparing and experience the horrible morning and evening traffic jam and cost to drive.

Project Prelude…I’ve no idea how will it become…In this stage, its all depends on my friend to develop it. All the best to him for now…

Back to the main topic that matches the title. Few weeks ago, my friend and I talk about Malaysian businesses, market and entrepreneurship. I recalled me about the issues and topic arose after the Johor bridge incident that was some claims that our Prime Minister failed to improve our economy.

To some extend, I agree with those claims. A best way to see a country future direction and development is through 5 years plan. Compare to our ex PM 5 years plan, we can see than we used to have many great projects, visions, and investment in areas like MSC, Education-hub, Advanced air port and ship yard, bio-tech and so on. All these gave a clear direction for our investors, entrepreneurs, and human capital. Just to recall you, at that time more than 500 companies were setup for MSC projects, also not to forget how many failed without being noticed.

So, if you’ve got an great idea to start, be sure have a look on our latest 5 years plan to know whether it is the right time and right place to start.

Another side story, I done some research on the company I joined. I found that it is exactly founded same time when a country disclose some new policies that making this company growing so fast and successful. Going in the marketing in the right time and catch the new opportunity is a state of art. Some factors are impossible to change by your tiny will, make use of the factors rather than excluding it may be more effective.