My blog Analysis-Jan

Soon I’ll start my new working life in a new place.
Do you believe in yourself?
Go Go!

I just got the call from my employer. I’ve got the offer and going to sign the contract tomorrow morning. Yup, I have to commit myself to the company coming years.

All right, now this blog has been moved from My Space about two and a half months. Now I’m disclosing my January performance on the traffic and visitor group. Sadly due to the Policy of Adsense, I can’t disclose my earning to public or else I’ll be banned for that.

Basically I choose January because this is when I redesigned my blog into final version. The 1st 10 days of January do not have page views due to blog redesigned. There are 132 visitors in January that view my articles 298 times. Also means average 2.26 page views per day. Please note that it is not 132 repeat visits but 132 visitors.

59.85% of the visitors are new, and 40.15% of the visitors are returning,which means that my blog still growing haha, thank you for your support!!! Following is the location of my visitors, credits to my friends from China’s, and some visitors around the world.

Country/Region/City           Visits
Kuala Lumpur|36 (Thank you, Loving you all KL)
Petaling Jaya|32 (Nice Nice)
Kampong Haji Abdullah Hukum|11 (Can't recall that I have friends around this place..anyway tq)
Kepong Cubitt Forest Village|9
Kampong Bukit Lanjan| 8
Shanghai|7(Definitely friends from 5min)
Salak Selatan|4
Kampong Seri Medan| 4
Shah Alam|2
Kampong Pelimbaian|2
Singapore| 2 (100% mt friend Celine, tq!)
Sheffield| 1 (100% my sister)
Washington| 1
Batalha| 1
Beijing| 1
Mejorada Del Campo| 1
Bielefeld| 1

I will keep on improve my blog entries and sharing my views and thoughts in future. Once again Thank you.