The Nature of Blog


When I first started to know what is blog that was 5 years ago. My first blog is host on MSN space and at that time there wasn’t name as MSN space also. At that time, writing blog is just for fun, to share some photos, viewpoints and experience. It has nothing to afraid of, also no need to concern about everything…yes everything.

When blog evolves, peoples commercialized it not only making blog as a websites formats but also a gray areas of legal territory. A better one would be using affiliates programs or advertising agents to earn some coins from their blog.

It is hard to use blog as a dairy. When your network getting larger and larger…you just can’t write anything you like or you wish to share. Not to mentions political blogs but even maybe thing that happened to you can’t just put it on. There’s a very good Chinese proverb: 家丑不可外扬。which basically means We mustn’t spread the shameful things in your house to the public. It just because the world is too free, too free to has anyone to judge you by their own ways. Therefore, a blog mustn’t talk about your company, family, life, etc etc anymore…We carefully write those who others like to read…like to heard…and like to see…that’s what those all famous blogs about…DO NOT SHARE YOUR LITTLE SECRET IN YOUR BLOG!