I didn’t go to office today.

So, with RM577.50, Jobstreet credit an 30 days job post for me. I’ve created a job post for management trainee…

I set the requirements quite high but only afford to offer RM 1,200-1,500. Hopefully I can find a people that really can help the company.

Not really in mood to talk about a good employee today. The internet connection in my company went wrong. The new server cannot be tested because of that. My designer not meeting my expectation. Maybe after all, Malaysia working attitude is like that…you just can’t be nice to them.

Hopefully by the time I turn on my pc tomorrow…the connection is back…Streamyx really unreliable at all time.

I’m doing a crazy thing again. I will share the whole process in about 2weeks to 1 month later…
So far, it’s doing ok, just a bit slow.

I’m forcing myself to write an entry a day in here now. The initial motive is to train back my long lost perseverance. Sometimes, I almost feel that it’s all about fate. But I know that I can’t think like that.

I believe that god is giving a very tough lesson for me to learn a thing. I know what the thing is all the time, but it’s not the time, I’m not ready accept it yet.

Delegate power, not kinda work in Malaysia working environment.