MYNIC System too secure?

If you happen to have a .my domain, then you should at least have a little knowledge in Malaysia Domain Name System.

MYNIC Bhd is a company that handles all the domain name under .my. These includes,,,,, and Recently, they also introduce 2nd level domain name. i.e.–>.my

Dear Valued Customers,

MYNIC is pleased to announce that the Priority Entry period for MYNIC’s shorter addressing (shorter suffix) option via second level domain name (2LD), will start from 9am 1 November 2007 to 5pm 31 December 2007.
We would like to highlight that only active third level domain names registered up to 5pm 26 October 2007 are eligible to apply during this time, subject to terms and conditions.
In cases where there are multiple applications for the same second level domain name, priority will be given to the registrant with the earliest registered third level domain name.
Applications will be processed from 9 January 2008 till 29 February 2008. All successful registrations will be notified via email.
Please visit our website regularly for any updates.
In addition, please be informed that MYNIC’s Agreement for Registration of Domain Names has been amended slightly to cater for the second level domain name (2LD).………………

Please be awared of this .my registration as you need to own or or so in order to have .my.

Compare to other domain name system, .my is the most complicated system so far that I’ve encountered. However, there’s a major flaw in the registration process.

MYNIC do not sell domain name itself. They appointed quite a number of qualified reseller to do it.

When you purchase a domain name from this reseller, you will need to provide your company license and supporting documents to reseller and they will send it to MYNIC for record and acknowledge.

Once approved, your will become the ownership of the domain. i.e. the Registrant. While the reseller will be the Invoicing Party. Ya, MYNIC do not collect money from you also. Subsequently, there will be Administrative, Billing, and Technical contacts.

The name of the Registrant and Administrative cannot be changed unless you perform a ownership transfer, documents from both current and future owner are required.

While for those contacts, each of these contacts are assign with a keyword, MYNIC Handle, userID and password accordingly. i.e. Each contacts only can access to where they belongs….

Very complicated right?

So people just ask the design company to handle all the things included domain and hosting registration. However, domain resellers are limited. Then, the design company becomes middle man’s midddle man.

In order for the design company to save his own ass, he uses their own company license and documents to register domain for his client.

Sadly, when the design company gone, so do the domain name. It can’t be retrieved. Why?

1. Registrant is not your name/ company name.
2. You do not have the password.
3. You only can change the MYNIC handles contact’s email address by: fax them a letter (can be downloaded from MYNIC) together with the long gone company’s stamp, and person’s in charge signature and print it in company letterhead.
4. Once you have the updated the email address. You can now ask to reset your password and have it send to your new email address. But wait! In order to reset a password, you will need a userID, a Keyword, and MYNIC Handle ID. i.e you can’t ask for reset password lar!
5. You want to show them your are the ownership? nono registrant is not your name.
So? bye bye for the domain lor.

That’s our .my domain name.
Btw, did I tell you that MYNIC won’t deal with your call? They will only ask you find your reseller. And the reseller will ask you find the design company(registrant) and sadly, the company is long gone.

Talking about the function of MYNIC .my domain control panel…it sucks.

Planning to get a domain? go for .com ba.