Not feeling well.

No feeling well because many problems yet not to be solved.

Yesterday I went to Perkeso to register an employer account to contribute SOSCO to employee…
Well, I seems that government has improved a lot in their system. Speed up the whole process, I only took about 15 minutes to get my account done. However, it still need 24 hours to be activated.

Today I came across with a real time forex investment tool that allow you to play for free, for fun.
The most exciting part is that, you will be awarded with real cash up to USD 1,500. Quite amazing.
e-toro. just download it and register with a free account. I will write more on this tool in the future and share my experience on it. (Just hope that it won’t turn out to be another forex blog)

It seems that I’m running out of time somehow. Just weird that I’m still so claim….

My stamina is getting worse, just lazy to do some exercises or gyms…arrr….I missed my time when I was so fit enough to do 100 over push up, frog jumping around basketball field 5 rounds….etc etc….haha

I’m researching how to get 2 e-gold with minimum efforts in given time line about 1-2 weeks. Somehow, I think the fastest yet painful way is to beg for donation. But I guaranteed you 99% of the people will throw you a…many bad words that probably you never heard of.

I still think Google Adsense rules. Just that they never pay you via e form of money. Don’t be evil, ya that’s a good way to prevent cheating…

I sometimes somehow wonder what is my evil index…what’s yours? ranging 1-100…I think 45 is my index.