Simple is the way of this blog in 2008

I’ve been disappeared for a long long time. Now, this place is clam and I’m returned.

The year of 2007 is a very challenging year for me. I’ve setup a company called Innochan Enterprise, together with my friend. I’ve learn a lot of things that I’ve never expected before even with proper and many preparations or planning.

From a Rookie to Dare Devil to Master is the path going on and going to be for the road I’ve taken.

I’ve decided to disclose many of the case, things, problems and surprises while I walking on. This is a hard decision for me as some of this sharing may actually harm my business now. But for telling you the truths of my field, my scarification somehow worth it (at least I guess).

Now is a quite crucial time for me, for my future. Every steps that I put on is surrounded by traps and land mines. No matters how careful I wish to be, I’ve stepped on it.

It is already a miracle that my business still went on today. For totally no single revenue comes in. Don’t even talk about profits and income. Till now, everyone wonder wtf I’m doing and what is my ending. Making me wish only there will be no ending but future.

At age of 25. I did many things that peoples don’t in 25. Yet I’ve scarified what they did in 25.

I wish to share more those experience that what I’ve gone through in past 8 months and in future. No matter how hard it would be, there will be a way for me to go on, to survive. Cheers!