Python 9

It’s really hard to pick a name for a blog nowadays. Thousands of Millions of blogs in the internet while only few of them are updating frequently.

I use to be a frequent blogger, no after I’ve started my own business. It’s been 2 years, the road is hard and I really no idea where will I be in the future.

Python is a quite new programming language that getting its heat after Google adapted this technology. If you’re new to programming just like me, I guess Python is a good start in term of its flexibility and human readability. Well, I’ve no idea whether if can I learn it well…there’s a lot of tutorial out there and I believe blogging on it is kinda meaningless, I’d rather directly contribute to the wikibook on Python (Wait until me master it ba).

It is new start in programming, so as my journey to change, to be a better man. So it the name: Python. While 9 has the meaning of eternal and continuity: I’ve a great weaknesses, lack of perseverance. I just hope that this blog will give me back some stamina and motivation to move on in my life.

I wonder if anyone really understand and practice well in daily life after reading ‘The Secret’. I wish this blog will help me manifest the good and keep me away from what I don’t want from time to time.

So, that’s it. My fictional name in the world is George Geranium, this is a very open identity that I believe quite a few will know who am I by just seeing the name George Geranium. Just Google me if you’re really that curious…haha

My recent quote: Some people will make you realized that: No matter how hard to draw 4 legs on a snake, it will just become Lizard and not Dragon.