Captivity of Negativity: Are you in deep Shit!

I’m using Windows Live Writer to publish blog post now. It’s very convenient and time saving, no more login logout that wasting my time a lot. I can even reload some ‘bullets’ in advance so that even I’m not free to write on a particular day, it will still automatically publish pre-written post on time.
I wonder if anyone watch Prison Break. ‘Captivity of Negativity’ has been mentioned by T-bag quite a number of time. It’s a very powerful word as you can imagine that you’re stuck in the 18th Floor down the hell and everyday all you do is repeating the punishment again and again…

You see, from a little boy till now. We started become who we are today. Day by Day, year after year and now we’ve got ourselves a very solid reason to continue the way we are. You’ve properly try to make some change, maybe a day or the best a month and you fall back to the same loop again.

I’m in this captivity of negativity with no doubt and every time I did something trying to jump out from this captivity, it either affected by the surrounding factors like Friends, Company and Family or the mindset of myself. I’m not strong enough to affect people around me and I’ve to avoid them.

I’m not a saint because I’m in deep shit now also. I’m trying to get out from it and if you are not with me, I’ll going to leave you soon. I’ve to be self-fish to save myself first as you’ve decided to stay in the shit and I’m not enjoying it.

We have to change ourselves before anyone can. Here’s my manifest list:
I’m in the process of get rid of the current status.
I’m in the process of being responsible to myself.
I’m in the process of arrive to the office before 9am in work days.
I’m in the process of improving my knowledge and skills.
I’m in the process of move my steps faster and less to wait others.

Are you in the loop of Captivity of Negativity?

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