Delay of Post

I’ve been busying on some works that put aside for a long time. Now have to settle it all before new year.

JC’s PC need to be fixed due the network connection failure. It seems that after all, Ubuntu can’t achieve industry standard. It’s hard to use it in production or commercial usage. The network failure is due to the recent update that making old motherboard and some devices not supportable. Unlike Windows, the history of Ubuntu is short and changing fast, support is very minimum due limited fund and long learning cycle.

DotNetNuke team has incorporated a company called DotNetNuke Corp which gather certified third party developers and professionals to provide a better services and support that made DotNetNuke became One of the CMS that is up to enterprise level and able to capture the market share of commercial CMS that ranged from USD 1,000 to USD 50,000.
For full list of CMS, please visit Wiki list of content management system.

IMHO, no matter how ‘free’ is a product, it has to be charged eventually in order to provide a better services. However, by giving it for free, the product will receive more comments and market thus making it grow and improve faster. For a students or small company, open source seems to be life savior; but when you become a professional and big company, you will look for a reliable and easy system and you are willing to pay for better services as you have spending power already. And that is why Adobe is so successfully today, it is for pros.

Thus, if I have sufficient fund, I will go for commercial OS like redhat or Windows etc…Ubuntu is for student level only.

On the other hand, it cannot be doubt that the capability and expandability of Open Source projects is so huge (yet many projects dies). I’m so glad that with the support of Google in Python, Java and Android (All these generally known as Google Open Source Platform) , it will create a standard for major developers to follow and breaking the current messy standards and numerous low quality programs created without proper planning.

The above writing is very messy and unstructured. Forgive me as I have limited time to clean up my mind…I’ll keep on improve my writing skills.

Now my posts is one day behind the schedule…I’ll try to catch up the with delays…