Demons! Can you see them?

You may Skip this paragraph. It’s really hard to write a post a day. Yesterday there’s no entry…so now I’m going to write to posts to cover it back haha. It’s training, to gain back my perseverance…and improve my writing skills…and most time to manage my mind and my thoughts.

My friend Ali is agreed to help me, I’m glad and very appreciate his help. Now have to wait next week’s meeting with my other partners. Hope with this injection of fresh blood, the morale of the company will get better.

Fig asked me why someone….somebody….some some are so successful in what what what…
To road to success is never been easy. There’s a lot of demons keeps misleading your path…

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Last night, I watched…perm listen+watch a speech and the prist talking about demons…He gave an example of his experience…said that the Chinese’s Dragon with Five Claws is a symbol of Evil…omg wtf…(Dragon with Five Claws symbolized the greatest power and only can be used by the emperor of China in ancient time). Don’t get mad yet, there’s more.

Apparently, it is an very valuable antique drawing of five claws dragon. The prist’s grandfather robbed it during the China’s Cultural Revolution. His grandpa was sent to …calm (actually kill with tanks) the rebellions down.

IMHO, the prist did not fully get the god’s message. It is the drawing and the Sins within the drawing but not the dragon itself. Try to images, the drawing is stolen from the Emperor’s castle then fall into the black market. Later his grandpa robbed it from the Chinese.

Do you get it now? hanging the drawing on the wall means you actually hanging yourself with all those sins. That’s why Jesus asked you to destroy it. Clearly it is not because of the dragon!
Apparently, the old prist is not wise enough to see things through. That’s why he is sick now.

Ok…I wonder why everytime my content is ran away far from the title (Original title suppose to be "How much things to learn for Web Programming? What to learn to be a so called Internet Guru?" that I intended to write initially. I think my brain is really very messy now.