Do you still remember how to smile?

…my eyes is so itchy…can’t sleep well.

Smile is the best way to make friends and the best medicine to cure illness.

If you want to be success in your career, please smile. If you forgot how to smile already, it’s time to learn it back. Without smile, you can’t achieve anything.

Met a client tonight at SS2, the owner is a women that around 40 years-old. She manage 4 companies, and she settled down in Malaysia 29 years ago. She’s a very impressive and polite women I’ve even seen so far. She still went to British Council to learn English, go to computer course to learn Microsoft Words, Excel and email etc and she smile a lot.

You must be happy whenever, wherever and whatever you are into, then only you will gain the passion to go on.

Recently, application developer become one of the hottest job in the world. It has become the easiest way to become millionaire and many a crazy about it. There’s one developer created a mini games during his past time, he spent about 2 weeks to build the game and 2 months to get himself USD 250,000 by selling it in iPhone Store. There’s another guy selling an iPhone application intended to generate USD 100,000 for the first year, the result is that the application itself generated nearly 1 million in the first year. iPhone is a phenomena that you can’t really explain and LG came out a similar phone lately. But LG? Come one, still lack a bit of Class don’t you think?

Oh Btw, Lets have Mr Bean to teach you how to smile!

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