Happy! Happy! Happy!

I read Lim Go Tong’s Autobiography about half year ago. He was a shame guy when he was young. One time, when he was onboard with another group of strangers that was in some chit chatting, he forced himself to walk in and talked to them. And what he got was a great dinner and a place to stay for that night.

Few days ago, I have a business meet up in Plaza Mon’t Kiara. When I was leaving the parking, I found myself with no small change to feed the machine. So I walk around and found myself in a Korean Mini Super Market. Guess what? I saw 2 pretty Korean girls :) (That’s it, not more story). I took 2 choco bars and went to the cashier. Out of a sudden, I spoke to the casher lady, asking her "Are you a Korean?" and she said yes with a happy smiling face and a very sweet and polite "Thank you very much!"

Are you a joy bringer? I was in Bangsar Telawi just now. When I walked out from the restaurant, I thrown the waiter "Merry Christmas!" and he replied loud "Merry Christmas!" also. This remind me of the "Free Hug" program.

Ok, cut it short…it’s 4am now and don’t expect me to write in good sequence and "understandable". I’m just trying to say: Are you dare enough to bring joy to others?.

This will be my new year aim:
I want to talk to more strangers!
I want to bring joy to others so that I’m happy also!

Merry Christmas to you all! Have you greet your friends yet?

p.s. I wrote this at Christmas…but too bad I’ve to do a little bit cheating so that making my posts looks like non stop everyday :) hehehe