How many things to learn for Web Programming? What to learn to be a so called Internet Guru?

Since last post I ran away from what I intended to write…This post…back to the topic.

Figo told me that there are too much things to learn in the Internet. One might lost his direction in the wide wide world wide wide web….world wide web…There too much of things…and I found myself kind lost sometimes too, so I tried to categorized the things that I know as the following: 

…I found that I can’t put it all in a page…I can write a whole chapter for it…Ok, I just write everyone favorite then: Money Making.
1. Develop a program, module, ‘skin’, web template to sell it.
2. Consulting people – SEO, Life, Sex, etc.
3. Freelance – Copywriter, Programming, designs etc
4. Affiliate – Help to sell others products.
5. Pioneer – Invent totally new web application.
6. Arbitrator – Buy good domain name, website and sell it at high price.
7. Publisher – Publish advertisement for other to earn money.
8. Scammer – Build fake website to phlish, quick rich scheme etc.
9. Hacker – Hack for commercial war, political war or hack for yourself to gain money.
10. Pumper – Help advertisers to pump content, pump ranking, pump advertisements everywhere…
11. Tester – Game tester, website tester…
12. Writer – Write for money….
13. Forex – erm…basically you will only lose money or being scam…
14. Stupider – Click ads or PPS (Pay per sign up) for money. Fill survey…etc
15. Trader – sell goods online….
16. hooker – sell you naked photo, sex chat, sex video etc….
17. Gamer – ….play for other to gain money…
18. Die harder – Click Google Adsense yourself….
19. Sub-con – Help big scammer to con other money by selling rubbish making money online e-book, video etc…
20. Santa Claus – Help people to click ads, buy rubbish e-book, joining get rich program etc…
21. Hosting – sell server…hosting….by becoming a reseller…(you think really so many hosting providers mer….50% are resellers).
22. Translator – translate movie, etc to make money.
23. Admin – become forum / portal admin and get salary.
24. broker – broker lor.. get a dictionary!
25. …. .. .. . .. . .

That’s all…