Malaysia Police Official Website.

If you found this post instead of the real official website of Polis Diraja Malaysia, then you might want to say Malaysia Boleh!

Anyway, this is the official website of Malaysia Police Department: Halt! I’m warning you that you won’t find much helpful information on Malaysia Police especially if you don’t know Bahasa Malaysia (Malay Language) and there’s no English Version for so-called Polis Diraja Malaysia Website. Don’t expect to use Google Translation Tools as there’s no Malay-English Translation :)

Back to few months ago, My office was attempted broke in. We were lucky enough as one neighbor happened to pass by our office. The next day, we went to make a report at the police station at Pandan Indah as it is the only information I can dig out in the Internet. Few weeks later, I actually found out that there’s a Police Station less than 1km away from our office.

And until now, the information still haven’t been up to date and there’s no English version of Malaysia Police Website. If you’re a foreigner, I’m sorry to tell you that Malaysia Government is Internet Disabled. See how the politician under estimated the influences from bloggers; how the MayBank2U till now haven’t get back my money which happened to be their system fault? And How good is the Speed of our Internet Broadband provided by the monopoly player: The Lousy Tmnet Bhd and the Streamyx Sdn Bhd?

I guess if I write more, I’ll be arrested for uncovering the facts from the government. Even China is somehow better in this. Malaysia Boleh! Ok, I try my best not to post something so negative in the future, especially about the Royal Police of Malaysia.

By the way, just don’t dial 999! Dial 603 – 2262 6222, 03-21460522, 03-2485522 for Kuala Lumpur Police Station and +603 7966 2222 or +603 7956 222 for Petaling jaya Police Station. 999, 991 etc is for people to play and make faulty report only, the police will not care about it.

REMEMBER: Dial +603 2262 6222 for Emergency, save it in your phone. Don’t use 999.