Marry Christmas!

Nothing special, nothing unusual. Merry Christmas and May the force be with you!
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Ai Iijima (飯島愛 )is dead. The caused is suicide. Here the news from

飯島愛さん:死後1週間 睡眠薬など発見



Let’s see how good is the Google Translation Tool:

Mr. Iizima Megumi: death and sleeping pills found a week
The entertainer’s former Iizima Megumi was found dead in his condominium on the Tokyo (36) = Ookubo Matsue real = Shibuya Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on the 25th, but the cause of death and an autopsy failed to determine the administrative body said. The pathological examination suicide or died of illness and continues to investigate the cause of death.
Police said the apartment that’s IIJIMA HARUSHION found in cold medicine or sleeping pills. About one death had been expected after a week. Shibuya police are investigating the deaths related to care and drugs.
Mr. Iijima日夕24, in the living room of the town Sakuragaoka Shibuya-room apartment, she found that women who have visited him lying on his stomach. Sawa Ryuuzi [God]

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