Starting from 0.

Read a very insightful speech in a short conversion with James just now. I’ve to put this down before its gets rotten in my memory.

Do you have the courage to start from 0? James once told me that he could walk out from the company and start another whole new career, starting from carrying a bag to do sales. And yes, he almost proven me that.

If you decided to leave a job today, most of the time you will still end up staying in the similar job junction. And if you wanted to do your own business, people will always tell you that, don’t do it if you’re not familiar with the industry.

You always can tell the difference between a successful entrepreneur who start from 0 and not.

I once met a regional manager of xxx company, she told me that…don’t say not no money, if really no money, RM 100 a month also can survive….remember during the kid age…skipping the lunch and bus fare just to save money to buy Nitendo and Play Station? It’s all about dedication…

Not much time to write in detail…now is 3:23pm…and I should be working on important things…