The God is the best salesman.

I always wanted to write something related to my religious thoughts but not sure where to start and want to write and not.

Read a joke from a NBC’s Host, Something like: The States has invented a new mass destruction weapon that would not harm infrastructure but human being, they called it Shares.

Since my house was installed the DaAi Satellite Channels, I have plenty of ‘chances’ get in touch of religious speeches and sharing. That is when I get to know more about Christian.

Believe it or not but most of the successful businessmen are Christian. OMG, if it is only what it takes, I’m willing to do so. One of the solid reason that I can figured out was, the religious itself has a very powerful marketing mechanism. You can even think it is one of the most earliest and sophisticated multinational organization that run so well.

We can learn a lot from Christian in term of ‘Marketing’. How the missionaries past the message, how do they talk, their practices,  etc etc etc…

I don’t tend to talk so much today. Maybe in the future…Will I be a Christian then? Maybe…by the way, I’ve just finished reading the Bible prophecy – The Apocalypse. Got some insight on new thinking…

SEO Tips: Content is the King. Even if you copy others works, quote them and link to them, add some of your own thinking and opinions, It will helps. You have to link out so that the robot and ‘get out’ to find more websites and know where is your visitors going and this will helps you doing Internet Marketing. After all, do you like to go to a dead end? Linking out is a way to provide extra value to your visitors but behold! Please link to VALUABLE website only. I.e. Website with quality content or at least with PageRank 1.
I found my blog is hard to read when all of the posts are words…I’ll try to add some images then…

Ah! My Goddess anime wallpaper at
Ah! My Goddess Wallpaper