Tune Money Bad Services!

This is an update on my missing transaction on Tune Money Debit Card.

5 days ago, I made an top up to the card but the FPX statement there shown Pending. So I called Tune Money… more than 5 times, fax them whatever they need and talked to 3 of the customer service representatives. Guess what? None of them is being helpful as obviously they do not have the knowledge or even authority to track the transaction problem. None of them is able to tell me what the hell is going on!

So I went to FPX website to look for contact…guess what? FPX company is so secret and only give you a general contact that lead you to no where!

Finally, I made a call to Maybank2U just now and they are able to track the transaction clearly and stated that it is FPX that having the problem! So, a simply transaction turns out that it involved 4 parties(Me – Tune Money – FPX – Maybank). Obviously Tune Money has the main responsibility to fix whatever goes wrong right? After all, it is the one that receive the money what.

Ok, I’ve just received the follow up call from Maybank2U. They have made a report for me, yet It will take weeks to investigate! WTF lar…I certainly won’t upgrade my ATM to their Debit Card like that. Do I need to wait a week if anything goes wrong with my transaction, card being stolen, being thief using?

Sometimes, the good thing about Credit Card is that you can always compensated for unknown transaction made. For Debit card? Most of the case, when your transaction is made, that’s all, no one can help you.

I wonder why so many Malaysian like to buy things directly through Online Banking. You can be easily scammed!

Things to do to have a Safe Transaction Online:
1. Use Paypal, paypal is similar with credit card which you can always get certain amount of compensation if you’re being cheated. Other benefits like issuing invoice, receiving money etc.

This is the best payment gateway to avoid using your credit /debit card directly in any e-commerce website. (Who knows if the website is real or not, or use your cc number if they have financial problem etc).

2. Always do transaction is a SSL verified website.

3. Avoid using Credit Card direcly and never use Debit Card in Online Transaction.

4. Always save a copy of the transaction number for future reference.

5. Do not direcly visit website from links given by anyone or type yourself. Google for it, as google will filter out and warn you if you’re in a suspicious website.

That’s all. Happy Xmas Shopping!