Why use Blogspot instead of WordPress?

Most of the professional bloggers prefer to use WordPress and movable type as a blogging platform. Before I started this blog, I actually used MSN Space, WordPress and some Content Management System like Joomla and DotNetNuke. While CMS providing much more robust and flexibility to the users, you can also easily losing the what you intent to do initially. I’ve another private blog which I used to spend a couple of days just to do all the customizations and at the end, I was to exhausted to write the blog (Anyway, I improved a lot in design and programming from that).

While this blog should be more focus on Python and DotNetNuke, I ran into few problems when writing the previous post. The first one is that:

I need to manually draw this box which waste a lot of time.

Unlike DotNetNuke that can change the language editor, blogger only has a standard editor that are not that programmer friendly, although it does has a “edit html”.

The second one is that I actually on the road to learn Python also. I read a lot instead of code a lot in this stage. I need to leverage more time on practicing and blogging else this blog will not last of a month.

Anyway, I do not plan to make this blog to be a tutorial because you can easily find a complete one elsewhere. I’ll stick to my initial goal which is to provide more tips and news on the latest updates and test result on Python and DotNetNuke…and some of my personal bla bla bla :) and that’s why I stick to blogspots which is a very balance blogging platform.

Anyway, I finally found my brother’s old laptop: Inspiron 1100. I dismantled it (actually…just the keyword) for my old laptop: Inspiron 5150. The laptop is 6 years old already which I bought it during my year 1 of study. Surprisingly, it never broke down before despite the keyword problem that forbitting me to format the laptop. (Arrow key broken due to heavily game play).

My Inspiron 5150 is quite a powerful machine which is able to run Doom3! Just very lag lar…
Anyway my laptop is just reboot and now I have to switch the line to do some updates on it.

Being a programmer has to be good in math? I’m pretty sure the answer is yes. Hopefully my IQ is enough to become an above average and one day soon I’m able to sell some modules and gadget around.