You don’t sell in MLM, you buy it.

If you are a member of any multi level marketing program, you will know that you do not sell your products to your prospects, you ask them to buy from you. I’m not sure if you can understand the difference behind it or not.

You see, if you sell a product to customer, there will be doubt and resistance. Therefore, the smart MLM people play with your brain and make you buy from them with you own will. From a active strategy to passive one (In term of Emotionally).

Yes, everyone buy a thing based on his/her emotion. A fan of an artist see no difference between RM 19.90 and RM 49.90 a CD. A ticket to a concert has nothing to do with the price but the availability of the seats.

99% of the super sellers sell things other than the product. Present a lot of the crab that people want to listen and that’s it. There’s no need to tell people what you know, just tell them what they know! I’m going to be evil in sales.

I’m going to write a mini report: The Devil’s Guide to Cheat Money Online. Selling hot at USD 6.66!
The stupid tune money card still haven’t credit back my money. Screw them!
SEO Tips:

  1. Title tag is the most important thing in you web page, it is like a title of your composition. Always include this: Your website name, Page Name or Content/Article Name. For example:
    SEO Expert – lesson one: How to write a good title for your webpage.
  2. You need to have a clear title structure in all of your web pages that match with your url / filing structure. i.e. title-for-your-webpage.
    SEO Expertlesson one: How to write a good title for your webpage.
  3. The above example are mostly applicable for blog and article publishing. For traditional webpages, it is better to put web page name in front. i.e Advance Website Lesson – SEO Expert.
  4. Try to include keywords that match with your meta description and content keywords. i.e.
    SEO Expert – Website lesson 1: How to write a good page title for your webpage.

In the example above, in stead of using the keywords “lesson” and “Title”, I’ve changed it to a more meaningful and accurate combination of keywords so that search engine will know I’m writing about website lesson and not just another ‘lesson’.

As keywords becomes very competitive, one to three keywords are getting meaningless to search engine and searcher. Therefore, you need to secure at least 3 keywords to secure your position for future. For example, you can turn website lesson to Advance Website Lesson. Now you have 3 keywords (one word keywords are useless): Advance Website, Advance Website Lesson, Website Lesson,(Lesson, website and Advance)

Another example: In this blog post, My post title is far away from what I written in the content. The keywords used in the title is not enough and not matching the keywords in the content. This article will hardly get listed in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) although it will be indexed.
Which making this post kinda useless as it won’t attract organic traffic (Self Come Visitors) from Search Engine.