Bursted Mind

Living in an Information Overloaded century, I found myself very lost every once in a while. I suppose to write a post a day, write one post per topic but every times when I started to write, my mind will become very messy, till no idea where to start even after trying to put it in order.

Every year, the first topic of the English composition topic hardly not to be new year resolution. Ironically, I never really know what is new year resolution, do you?

So like everybody else, I went to count down in Bukit Bintang with bunch of naughty friends, watched the fireworks…(technically) together…and went home.

And the I found myself somewhere in a hill + forest in Setapak I guess. Again, I supposed to watch the first beam of new year together with Figo and some guys…but the fact is that I no longer have the stamina to climb that hill. yeah~ Pity me if you want. Ended up being sucked with 3…I think 4 leeches…haha quite an experience that is.

Took quite a numbers of photos using my N81 and I can tell you that Nokia phone’s camera sucks, after all it still do not have the technology in camera. To be precise, it is because I don’t have money to buy a alien phone yet.

I wanted to write down my ‘new year resolutions’ in here…and maybe email it all over the whole to manifest it and receive the bless from the world but before that, I really need to manage my thoughts now and I don’t want it to be a sudden call.

Just to warm up a bit, here a English Composition written in 2002, Senior Middle Three.
The title: You’re in Senior Middle Three and it is your first day at school. Think about what you are going to do in your final year and how you feel about it.

Five year had just passed away from me. This is my last year in Chong Hwa Independent High School. It is unbelievable that I am leaving this scholl vert soon. What I was have desired along this  all these years is closed to me now. After this year, I will walk to another path of my life.

On the first day of school, when I walked into school again, I felt very happy and a little bit worry worried. I knew that I need needed to plans my paths very well. For many years, I was studying with full of concentrations and I forgot about friendship in my life. This year, I’m going to get more friends and I don’t want to be lonely again.

Secondly, I want to be more active in school this year, especially in the Karate Society. I want to take part in the Karate competition which helds  is to be held in Bukit Jalil Sports Centre. I don’t care that about whether I can get a medal or not. I just want to leaves a memory in me.

The most important things in this year is there will be two official examinations. I will make a schedule, and then do what is necessary according to it. I hope that I will get the pass the exams with flying colors when the result come out. Another exciting things is, our school will helds hold a sports day in May. I thinks that it will be a most meaningful event during the days in Chong Hwa.

I knew that I will living this school with full of pride and happiness. I won’t forget the teachers, friends and the school environment. After I left leave the school, I will proundly say to others, ” I graduated in from Chong Hwa”.

The fact is, I talked cocks. Happy New Year 2009.