Happy Chinese New Year!

Today I’m gonna to continue rant all the things that looks no good in my eyes.

After using Windows 7 about 1 week, I found that it is very stable, smooth and fast! I like it but the sad thing is that I already have Windows XP Pro and I definitely won’t go for it as that will cost another extra money to do that. What am I suppose to do the the XP? This giving “Extra Problem” thanks is Windows again. Anyway, for those that are using pirated Windows or Vista, it is best time to move to Windows 7 is possible.

I believe most of you encounter the MSN Messenger Sign in Problem most of the time in XP environments. I just encountered it in Windows 7 just now but this time, it has a very intelligent troubleshooting that will self-diagnosis and repair the network problem. Yes, in 1 minute time you’re able to MSN again instead of restart your XP again.

I’ve been busy looking for ideas to write a sales kit for the company, yet hardly can find some references for service industry. Man, writing is really killing me, design too. I also targeting a keyword in the serp for a fight of surviving, no kidding. I starting to understand why people willing to pay so much money just for SEO already. Some keywords, really is the life of your website. Google is always making the rules and it is not suprising people sometimes called it Evil Satan.

Hope Hope Hope the ranking will go up faster and faster! I want to beat up the farking competitors!