New Year 2009 Bucket List

Instead of writing a long long resolution, I’ll just list down things that I want to achieve in this year.

1. Being more responsible to the environment, people and myself.
2. Spend more time to read and learn.
3. More implementation than planning.
4. At least 1 hour of body exercise per week.
5. Write a blog entry once a day.
6. Spend less time on movie.
7. Smile more;talk more;speak to strangers more.
8. Settle debt by 60% in this year.
9. No more running away both physically and mentally.
10. More concern on health.

The company:
1. Have a proper implementation plan and schedule.
2. Bring more sales to the company.
3. Diversify business.
4. Strict Rules and Regulation.
5. Employee development.
6. Carrot and Stick Policy.