Speed of Implementation

The first time I heard about speed of implementation theory is from high school. The first time I heard the words "Speed of Implementation" is from an Internet Guru, Eben Pagan. Yes, he learnt it from other master also.

We all know that without implementation, dreams, plans, goals…etc all are nothing but fantasy. Yes, the faster you act;the faster the harvest.

About a year ago, I told Figo to start a simple blog so that he can apply Google Adsense. One year later, applying Adsense is harder than ever before due to increasing amount of applicants and ads spammers…While I have received my first USD 100 cheque from Google after 7 months of Adsense publishing in my blog. (Not this one).

It is true that Adsense won’t make you rich or sustain your living. Unless your website has more than 100,000 visitors per day or you just cheating.

But imagine that if you can get USD 35 a month, that’s mean you got yourself extra money to invest in the interest right? You can get a very good hosting for $9.90 already. Now even got student hosting selling RM 80 a year (about $22/yr). Well, to cut it short, it’s monetary free!

Don’t underestimate the small amount generated from your blog / website each day. Some fellows actually created hundreds of blogs and website just to spam ads (It’s much harder now). Here’s a simple calculation that adjusted in Malaysia Adsense Earning benchmark (Target visitors are Malaysian).

Average clicks…is USD 0.18. 
You created 100 blogs with ads inside…
Assume you get $0.5 per blog per day, you will have:
USD 50 = RM 175 / day = RM 5250 a month!

In case you wanted to cheat…here the formula:

1. Create 100 blogs with…at least a bit quality content…
2. Your working hours is 10 hrs.
3. You must have dynamic IP from your ISP.
4. Got PPC ads on all website….
….(OK lar…I skipped the stupid things lar….here’s the scam:

Assume each blog need 5 clicks to get $0.5; = $ 0.1 each click
You need 1 minutes to load and click each blogs’s ads = 100 minutes
With working hour of 10 (600 minutes) , you can click the 100 blogs 6 times.
6 times x $0.1 = $0.6 each blog = $60 a day from 100 blog.
Let’s assume that you need 30 seconds to change IP and clear cache every 2 clicks:
You will have about $30 a day..(count yourself…roughly only) But Hey! $ 30 = RM 105 = RM 3K a month ler…

Now, Here’s why you will kena BAN:
1. Advertisers not only track the ads you click, it track the website you visited before the click, and after the click. So, if you click all those 100 blogs everyday, eventually they will linked up and ads robot will detect the linkage…and…whala you kena banned!

2. You doing this because you are lazy and greedy, you just can’t follow the formula above….your greed will cost you back one day.

3. …I rather not talk so much ledi….but if you’re really broke one day, hope this will help you.