What is my Current Stress Level?

Yes I know I’m very stress but still need to figures to show it right? So I’ve done some test in these websites:

I’ve to said that those questions are very very funny and unprofessional. Anyway this is the result I get:

You May Be In Trouble… You may be experiencing significant health consequences due to your stress levels, or you may be at risk of health problems in the future….
Your responses indicate that you are currently experiencing a high number of stressors in your life….

So that’s it, don’t mess with me unless you want me to diu you gao gao!

WARNING: Strong Language is used on below content.

Talking about logic thinking topic with Figo just now, I found that Malaysian stupid really kinda no logic. From high school, university to work, I always heard people asking the questions which have already been answered whether direct or indirectly in the talk.

This happens in the MSDN Summit few days ago. The most fucking thing is, the presenter has just finished saying that the Excel 2008 is only a tool to show and manage the data from the SQL Server. Then a fellow asked something like: That’s mean I must have SQL Server…I really not sure if he is lack of confidence so that he need the presenter to say it again or if it he really no logic thinking.

Just now, a gay asked me a stupid question which can be easily  Googled. This kinda of people really need kena diu by people. I describe them as a leech which only know Leech People for His Own Good. Fuck lar even you are reading in forum, you also need to crawl the thread before asking/posting new one lar. What age are you live in idiot! You’re leech to the others as you waste gao people time and energy just because you never look for answer yourself.

Come’ on! Don’t be so naive that you think people have to be nice with you. Your dirty money is nothing but dirty shit to me. You should be glad that there is people who diu you and reply you. Go to pro forum see, no one even click your thread to read (Preview function). First line sucks and that’s it. But why me so diu? I always forgot this is fucking Malaysia with bunch of idiots like me and lots of leeches like them. So that’s it, why I farking so nice to them and at the end I’m the bad guy? Lazy layan with incompetent Malaysian. I’m ashamed  of myself as a Malaysian and I will certainly become a terrorist by joining Scomi and smudge for nuclear weapon to clean out unless people like Malaysian including me.

Yes, if you robot crawled this post, please mark it is a very potential dangerous people in Malaysia because I have the knowledge of high tech things. Stop me before it is too late. I believe killing useless people in this world is good. We’re just wasting the world’s resources and by booming Malaysia, I am Proud of myself because that might be the only good thing I did to the earth.

Yeah! Am I in Stress? I think I am.

Cheers! Lets see if I can actually be watched.