Blogging Tips: No topic to write for today?

I know. Every writers nightmare:


ARRRRR I just want my content! Really, I’m not a full time blogger that have time to search whatever things to blog about. Maybe someday I will if the Advertising income can afford me to do so.

My friend used to work as a cell phone promoter. He told me that during peak season or somehow someday, the sales revenue will far beyond the set daily target while someday there will be none. Thus, keeping the bullets (Cash) in hand and to balance the unbalance of the week.

Well, same thing apply to blogging. You don’t blog out of a sudden all the time, it just wouldn’t take long for you to give up because one day you’ll just notice that your life isn’t full of surprises everyday.

In most of the time, you actually have a lot of ideas and things to write but they are all pieces that falling apart and you just can’t write a proper content with those pieces. But, most important thing is that you keep the pieces together and one day you may just found that you can use it in hand!

Another important thing is that never mixed all things together in one blog post. This is not only bad for the Search Engine but for the readers also. If the readers found it hard to digest your blog, then most of the time they will just scan it and leave it. There are so many other interesting posts elsewhere waiting for them to read!

There are actually many free tools to help you gather and keeping the pieces from the websites you visited. With the new WordPress 2.7.1, you can simply login to Admin then go to Tools > Press this. All you need is to drag the link to your Firefox bookmark and whenever you see a good topic to write for, just click the “Press This” and it will store whatever information you needed to blog later.

For me, as I watch a lot of Anime and movie in my computer, I always screen capture a good scene like above image for blogging uses. Just save the images you never know when will you need it. Isn’t it better than you need it but you don’t have any?

You’re welcome to share on how would you do to prevent running out of content to blog. :)