Happy Valentine’s Day 2009

Something wrong with my stomach this whole morning since I’ve woke up. How’s your Valentine’s day? Any surprises? Just another day for me. I’ve finally migrated all the blogs’ post to here and now this blog will continue to update as frequently as before.

I’ve added 2 plugins into my Windows Live Write. This first one is Code Snippet plugin which is very important for a programming blogger. Below is a testing post to show how to add rel="nofollow" in an anchor link. Always remember to enable no="follow" link in your blog’s comment to avoid spam comment.

   1: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://example.com">Example Dot Com</a>

The second one added is a word count plugin. This is important as according to some unofficial statistic research report, a blog should have at least 300 words in length to get the best result from the readers as well as search engine. Although less of official report on this, it pretty much make sense from the point of a search engine view. A short paragraph just hardly make any sense to search engine to know what the hell are you writing about.

The only drawback is that the the word count plugin for Windows live messenger do not have auto count function which make me think that it is kinda useless for lazy person like me. After all, as long as your content is genuine content, who care is you’re just writing few lines like twitter or thumb bloggers.

The last function I want to test is the insert picture function in WLM. It seems that it will override the style and original insert picture format. So here’s the result:

criminal mind season 4

Updated: Soon after I made the above post, I’ve updated all my Windows Live software to 2009 version which means that Live Writer and Messenger also get updated. The Messenger seems nothing new to be as I’m using it in Windows 7 already but the Writer seems not so promising as most of the functions to do apply to other blogging platform other than MSN Space.

For example, it said that there will be auto word count but I really can’t find it but the one I’ve just added it. I’ve added another tag plugin for WordPress and hope it will work this time. The other new feature will be the Photo Album which is kinda useless as it only connects to MSN Photo Album. However, there features that are quite handy like Album, TILE and Watermark. According to the msn live page, we should be able to add photo title too but I’m not manage to do it…