A little Talk on website Template and skin design

Over the time, I visited thousands of websites a month just like you (if you’re that crazy like me). I noticed that many websites are broken or not supporting standard web coding guideline as stated by w3c.

One of the reason of course if the laziness of the site designer and using outdated coding editor like FrontPage. While the root of the causes is the lack of knowledge and skill by the designer as more and more website require programming language like PHP and .NET.

Another phenomena is kinda wtf one which I found that those websites that offer free site template are very beautiful but offering lousy templates for you and no point they give you their own skin. Don’t believe? take a look at www.Jooma.org and www.wordpress.org. Why don’t they just include they own beautiful skin together like www.dotnetnuke.com (Brilliant!)?

While for those professional site template design companies, you will see how ugly their website is it but with a lot of amazing templates for sell or client profiles. The only reason I can think of is that they do not want their clients to have a website ugly than their company website (else they will demand a lot I guess).

Anyway, I’m making a nice skin, (I mean really nice skin) during my free time. It should be a DNN skin and container but with the power to convert it easily to any other platform. It will be free of course :)

While to reduce the hard time for site designer and for your IE6 users’ sake…. it would be cool to add a code to help eliminate IE6 users by adding a simple conditioned CSS to show something like:

   1: <!--[if lte IE 6]>
   2: <style type="text/css">
   3: #ie6msg{border:3px solid #c33; margin:8px 0; background:#fcc; color:#000;}
   4: #ie6msg h4{margin:8px; padding:0;}
   5: #ie6msg p{margin:8px; padding:0;}
   6: #ie6msg p a.getie7{font-weight:bold; color:#006;}
   7: #ie6msg p a.ie6expl{font-weight:bold; color:#006;}
   8: </style>
   9: <div id="ie6msg">
  10: <h4>Did you know that your browser is out of date?</h4>
  11: <p>To get the best possible experience using my website I recommend that you upgrade your browser to a newer version. The current version is <a class="getie7" href="http://www.microsoft.com/windows/downloads/ie/getitnow.mspx">Internet Explorer 7</a> or <a class="getie7" href="http://www.microsoft.com/windows/Internet-explorer/beta/default.aspx">Internet Explorer 8 (Beta)</a>. The upgrade is free. If you’re using a PC at work you should contact your IT-administrator. Either way, I'd personally like to encourage you to stop using IE6 and try a more secure and Web Standards-friendly browser.</p>
  12: <p>You could also try some other popular browsers like <a class="ie6expl" href="http://mozilla.com">FireFox</a> or <a class="ie6expl" href="http://www.opera.com">Opera</a>.</p>
  13: </div>
  14: <![endif]--> 

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You should see a box floating on the site if your are using IE6 to view  website with the above code. Yup, it is cool but it just annoys some IE6 users as they have no choice but the use IE6 due to their company do not upgrade their web browser as it will affect the work a lot and money of course. The other reasons may simply because the ignorance of Internet beginner/old people and may just because you are using Pirated Windows and not dare to validate your Windows and UPDATE IT! :) hehe…